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File Management

Did you know that you can put your most used folders on the side bar “My Places” of your file management screens? 

For Vista and Windows 7 users this is very straightforward, just a click and a drag and the folder is there. 

For Windows XP users, with Office 2007 or 2010

  1. Open Word or Excel
  2. Click the Microsoft Office Button (top left hand corner)
  3. Click Save As
  4. In the Save In list, click through to the drive, and folder you want to create on “My Places” side bar
  5. Right-click a blank space in the “My Places” side bar, below the existing shortcuts
  6. Click Add folder Name

For Windows XP users, with older versions of Office

  1. On the File menu, click Save As.
  2. In the Save in list, click the drive, folder, or Internet location that contains the folder that you want to create a shortcut to in the My Places bar.
  3. Click the folder that you want to add to the My Places bar.
  4. On the Tools menu, click Add to "My Places".

Excel number format for zeros in cell numbers

Type a single quote in front of text in Excel and the format will not be overridden eg ‘027 287 2468


Christmas Flyers

Many of you will be making up flyers for your Christmas Functions - here are a few ideas to help with the layout. 

  1.  Use Border Art to add some Christmas trees, candles, etc around your page - you will find these on the Home Ribbon Paragraph group - make sure you go to the Page Border tab to add to the page, without having to select the text on the page.
  2. If you are adding in Christmas themed pictures:
    1. Try searching google images - you can be quite specific in what you search for - just remember these images do not resize to larger sizes but are fine to pop in the corner of a page.
    2. Make sure you change the wrapping option to “through” as this allows you to move the graphic around the page and resize it.  You will find the wrapping option on the Format Ribbon when you click on the image.
    3. If you are planning to email the flyer, save it as a pdf - you will find this option on the Office button menu.  This format means anyone can read the file (as long as they have Adobe Reader, which most computers have pre-installed now).

Email Signatures with a Difference!

Email signatures are most often your name and contact details.  Here is a fantastic way to use them for frequently used text in an email:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. [Tools] Menu, Options, Mail Format Tab, Signatures
  3. Create New - type in (or copy and paste) the text required - remember to add your usual email signature
  4. Click OK
  5. Create a new email message
  6. Insert Ribbon
  7. Signatures
  8. Select the signature (text) required - you can edit the text with personal details if required.



Sends a blind copy to another person – those listed in To: or Cc: do not see the Bcc: recipient. Really good to use for all those email addresses you send jokes to!



Control Brightness with Fn F8

Control Brightness with Fn F8

Most laptops have keys to control brightness, particularly useful when operating on battery power. It is often Fn F8 – look for a function key with a sun graphic on it.


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